Wednesday 14 January 2015

If I was a relocation expert, this is how things would be done

If I was a relocation expert

These are the essentials for any and every expat, whether it is their 1st or 100th relocation, everywhere is different, every country has different requirements for doing things that you consider easy to do in your previous country. 

I would start with information on how the visa applications would work and timescale and support client through this process.

For a fee I would provide

·      a taxi to the airport for their arrival
·      hotel room(s) with a balcony or at least with a window that opens
·      options for clients at their convenience to meet on the day they arrive
·      a sim card having forst checked the clients phone is unlocked
·      a list of emergency phone numbers and details of nearest hospital, doctor etc
·      information on medical aid, insurance companies for personal effects, car hire, car and pet 
·      letters from employer with info and details required to set up local bank accounts
·      a map of the area with transport routes and a local travel card
·      arrange localisation tour

If I was assisting with a house search I would ensure that the following happened:

·      I’d request the budget and requirements for a property, based on their current lifestyle and  
·      Arrange viewings of houses
·      Meet with landlord and client to complete a snag list and ensure all repairs needed were written 
    into the contact before handing over any money and a timescale in which work will be completed,
    inform clients of all the laws in regards to dealing with landlords, notice periods
·      Be at the property when above is being carried out to assist client with language and cultural 
·      Set up electricity/water/phone/internet depending on clients preferences and visa requirements
·      Inform clients of all costs related to the above in advance of the relocation.

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