Saturday 10 January 2015

Is it only boys that fiddle?

We have 4 sons aged between 15 & 25 and 1 daughter aged 26.

The boys fiddle with absolutely everything from the settings on the TV through to the windows in the car.

I've lost count of the number of times I've sat down to watch the TV and the remote buttons do something completely different and the fridge door opens and closes by itself, well that's what it feels like.

Claims of 'I can fix that for you mum' drive fear through me. a) what have they broken b) it worked perfectly well until they touched it and c) something else gets taken apart so they can get the spare screw, battery, etc.

When we purchase anything we check for fiddling. A car? Can they fiddle with the buttons in the back? can we lock the windows from the front to minimise fiddling? can we tape the cup holders up so they can't keep opening and closing them till they break? with cries of 'it wasn't me'

'it just broke' 'it just came off' 'it was (insert siblings name)'

We buy a new fridge, they want one with an ice maker and a water dispenser. I don't want a permanently wet kitchen floor. They promise they won't fiddle, we buy a normal fridge, they complain that we are tight.

We were viewing a house to rent, it had a thatched roof, we didn't even complete the tour as they were pulling out strands already, if we'd lived there I reckon we'd have had a view of the stars within a few weeks from the bedrooms.

I can't even go do the road with all the hassles we've had with computers and laptops. But common things are:

I was cleaning the fan = hard drive removed
It'll work better like this = photos lost
Just click here = Blue screen of death
It needs restoring to factory settings = scrap computer
Can I restart the internet? = no internet or phone line for 24 hours

Do your kids fiddle or is it just mine? I'd love to know if it's also a girl/boy thing and please tell me, will they ever grow out of it?

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