Sunday 11 January 2015

My Sunday Photo Week 2 The Cafe on the Beach

Rather than post photos of the view from the cafe on the beach, I thought I'd post one of the cafe instead.

This is a 10 minute walk from the villas we are renting, where I've spent the morning cleaning after the cleaners have been and have one functioning, but rather dated, bathroom. The bedrooms and reception areas are clean and ready to move into, but the kitchen and bathrooms need rather a lot of work to make them useable.

Hubbies work visa has been approved and will be stamped in his passport soon and by the end of the week he should have his residency visa, which means we can then apply to customs to have our shipping released and our air freight sent from South Africa.

Fingers crossed that next weeks My Sunday Photo will be of a furnished room in our new home in Dubai.


  1. Oh wow best of luck!! Look forward to the fully furnished room pic 😉

  2. Oh Wow, best of luck!! Look forward to your fully furnished room pic next week 😉

  3. I would so like to sit outside in warm weather having a cup of tea!

    1. its winter here, so warm is just about right, but won't be doing that when the summer comes

  4. Awww I so love the weather! Thanks for sharing! #mysundayphoto

  5. Good to hear things are starting to move along now

    Thank you for linking up