Tuesday 6 January 2015

My top 4 essentials for travel in Dubai.

Well apart from plenty of money and plenty of sun cream and plenty of bottled water, after nearly 2 weeks of living in a hotel in Dubai while our visa applications and house is ready, these are my top 4 essentials for travel in Dubai.

·      Paper tissues and flushable wet wipes
These are the toilets. Every toilet is like this, every toilet in our house is like this. The trouble is after they’ve been used, the toilet seat is wet and as I’m discovering although there are seat santiser spray units in each cubicle, they are often empty and toilet paper is sparse.

·      Hand sanitisers
Dubai, being in a desert is also very dusty and my hands and feet (when wearing sandals) are filthy.

·      A Pashmina
It is cold in Dubai, not something I thought I’d be saying, but it’s winter at the moment and a little cold first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Everywhere is also air conditioned, the malls, the hotels, the bus. Also handy for keeping the sun off your bare arms, neck and head during the heat of the day and great for spreading out on the beach to sit on and for drying yourself off after a dip in the sea to cool down.

·      Sunglasses
The sun is very low in the sky and I can feel headaches building if I don’t permanently wear them.

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