Sunday 3 May 2015

Creating a garden in the desert - Week 5

I'm taking a break from the sandpit this week and visiting family in the UK, so I thought I'd share some photos of their gardens and a visit to the local garden centre.

My niece, Becky, got married last weekend and the reception was held in my parent's garden.

I took my youngest niece, Olivia, to a garden centre.

I took a drive over the Malvern Hills.

I returned my youngest to school.

I decorated Olivia's play castle.

In the meantime back in the sandpit, the garden continues to flourish.


  1. I was really foxed to start with, until I read that you have been in the UK, have you enjoyed the trip? How lovely to hold the reception in their garden - it looks like it was a lovely event.I have a soft spot for the Malverns as I grew up in nearby Gloucestershire.
    My how things have shot up in your garden - and blooms to! So good to see, I've been wandering form time to time how your hot hot hot garden is getting on so a bit thank you for joining in and sharing x

  2. Looks like things are really doing well back in the sandpit, looking forward to more updates! #hdygg