Friday 1 May 2015

My top three travel bucket list destinations

I'm currently visiting the UK from Dubai and I moved there from South Africa. Travel was never something I'd considered until I met my husband in 1999. We merged two families making us a family of 7 so I still didn't think travel was going to be possible other than an annual family holiday. As a family and just the two of us and often travelling alone we've visited Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and California many times. We've also traveled to Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia as well as nearly every European country, even if its only been on our way to somewhere else. I've also been to Denmark and hubby travels freely with his job. We've also explored everything South Africa has to offer in terms of destinations and experiences.

I know it's corny, but there is a hole world of opportunities out there for me, there are places in Wales, outside this window I've yet to see.

But there are 3 places I'd like to visit, that I've never been to and going somewhere new is what appeals to me. In June I'm off to Canada, why? just because I can, I have a twitter buddy and pen friend there who said 'if you're ever passing' 

I carry my passport with me at all times

My case seems to be permanently packed

Given the opportunity when dropping family and friends at the airport, I'd be on a plane someone, if I could. This year also sees me return to the UK in September and back to South Africa in October and November, but if I have time and money here is where I'd like to visit.

1. Scotland - I've only been to Edinburgh twice and both times only for a weekend. I'd love to explore more of Scotland, see the wildlife, camp under the stars, visit the beaches, catch a ferry to the numerous islands. Living abroad people always tell me how much they'd love to visit the UK, I lived there for 39 years and never saw half of it.

2. Peru - The Inca Trail. I would love to travel back in time and see how the Inca's lived. I have no knowledge or opinions on what Peru would be like, the culture, the history or even the food and accommodation, but that's what appeals to me the most, a voyage of discovery.

3. Australia - I have family there, a friend is emigrating there soon, it's a continent I've never visited, like Peru, there is noting in particular that stands out for me to want to see, but I'd love to travel by train across the country, stopping off where I wanted to for as long as try my hand at surfing or at the very least take some photographs.


  1. I really hope you get to visit all of your bucket list. I've been to Peru & Australia as part of our RTW honeymoon trip and both were totally awesome. Like you, I've only been to Edinburgh & would love to see more of beautiful Scotland. My husband is keen to take the boys camping up there, but the combination of midges & cold puts me off - I'd rather find a spa hotel..! ;)

    Enjoy your travels this year.

    1. I'm sure there are plenty of spas in Scotland. I bet Peru was amazing

  2. Some great idea here, reeally good - I would love to go to Peru as well, I can't imagine what it would be like to visit Macchu Pichu...might learn to spell it right as well! ;-)

    1. no idea if you've spelt it right or not, but i knew where you meant