Wednesday 6 May 2015

Fascinating facts about Penguins

In 2000 in Cape Town 19500 penguins were treated after the Treasure Oil Spill with a 90% survival rate and 19000 penguins were trucked some 800kms to Port Elizabeth and released back into the sea.
It took the penguins between 10-20 days to swim home just as the clean up crew had removed the oil spillage from the area.

Some more fascinating facts about penguins.

The yolk of a penguin egg is blue.

A baby penguin sheds it's down on the first 4 days of its life.

When a penguin twists it's head from side to side it's not being inquisitive, it's getting ready to give you a nasty bite.

Penguins have unique black spots on their chest, just like fingerprints.

When a penguin sneezes it is to expel crystalized salt it has extracted from drinking sea water.


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  3. Fabulous facts - I'm a sucker for bits of information like this and they make great reading on #AnimalTales

    1. thank you, but i must add, jeez they dont half stink

  4. Penguins are fantastic, I would love to go and see them in the wild one day x