Saturday 5 March 2016

Week 8 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

Day 52 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎project366‬ feeling deflated after my friends left yesterday but have 2 more sets of friends visiting over the next 3 weeks to look forward to. It's not often I spend a whole day on the beach and I over did it yesterday, my skin on my back is very sore, but serves me right for not using the sun cream I was offered.

Day 53 #onedailypositive #project366 after another trying evening with tears and upset a decision has been made. I decided to spend some time in the garden before the weather gets too hot, this is my haul of home grown tomatoes and solitary strawberry.

Day 54 #onedailypositive #project366 how gorgeous is the sky above our street this evening. Been a bit deflated the past few weeks, but things are looking up a little and I feel a lot more positive. The lovely emails and messages from friends around the world kept me going.

Day 55 #onedailypositive #project366 top photo am, bottom photo pm. Summer is almost here in Dubai. Last week I was wearing jumper and gloves at 6am on my way to work and temps were low 13c & high of 28c. We had a huge storm last Wednesday/Thursday and now the place is heating up rapidly. The sand storms are due with the changing seasons very soon and are an amazing sight, despite covering EVERYTHING with sand. On a positive, I get to go shopping for new work clothes and the air con is working, although it won't be running full time for a while yet. I have no idea why I had more mileage on the display after I drove 15 miles to work.

Day 56 #onedailypositive #project366 after cleaning out two sandpits and two water trays full of dirty toys I treated myself to a gel polish and booked for a colour and cut for next week.

Day 57 #onedailypositive #project366 had a lovely day, collected @natsliebenberg and Tom from the airport at 6am, drove into the desert with Bob, had breakfast, took a stroll round the Creek, bought new wedding rings from the gold souk (@mulledred ) had dinner at a Turkish restaurant, now enjoying a few drinks at home. Sadly Natalie and Tom travel back to South Africa in the morning.

Day 58 #onedailypositive #project366 you know friends are for life when they spend 2 weeks back packing around Vietnam with 6 packets of dog gravy for Bob that you can only buy in South Africa @natsliebenberg thank you.

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