Wednesday 30 March 2016

I'm a mum again for 2 weeks

The teen is back home.

He arrived at midnight last night.

All ready his room has gone from looking like this

to this.

And then to this as he decided to change bedrooms, note the first of many take aways.

His cat was ready and waiting.

The bandwidth has been reduced to almost zero as he connected his Xbox directly to the internet box and did a load of updates.

The odds socks from the last visit have been reunited.

I made jelly and cooked a Cottage Pie, his favourite for tea.

The fridge was stocked.

Now it's almost empty. Yes we finished off the other wine box already.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'd have him back at home full time, if it meant not disrupting his A Levels, I miss the mess, the rows, the disruption, the empty fridge and not to mention my empty wallet.


  1. Ahh I hope you have a brilliant two weeks. I love both jelly and cottage pie. I want to come too :)

  2. The joys of being a teenager

  3. Oh enjoy your time together! I always remember how much I loved to go home and see my parents over the holidays.

    1. we had a lovely time but as always it goes too quickly

  4. Make the most of having your son home... they go back too soon and we miss them all over again.

  5. I see SA wine and juice in there.... Enjoy him!

  6. Hope you have a lovely couple of weeks! I know I moan about my kids, but I know I also feel redundant if they go out for a day or camping for a weekend. The mess and the noise is all a part of being a parent.

    1. it sure is and i miss it when he's not here