Saturday 12 March 2016

Week 10 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

It's been a very busy week, I've had a week off work and my friend from the UK has been out to visit. We've done almost all of Dubai this week, I'm bloody knackered and could do with a holiday to relax. The teen is out in 16 days for the spring holidays and I'll be off work for 2 of the 3 weeks he is here.

Day 66 #onedailypositive #project366 sundowners (sans alcohol) on the beach with @debs72_
My Sunday Photo this week was a photo of me on the beach.

Day 67 #onedailypositive #project366 I love this woman @debs72_ she's as daft as I am. She is visiting Dubai for the week, our kids were best mates in primary school, we lived 3 doors and a mini roundabout apart. We remained friends after the boys went to different secondary schools. Here's Debbie making friends in the Creek today.

Day 68 #onedailypositive #project366 quite a cloudy day, but we had tickets so we was going up @atthetopburjkhalifa followed by a trip to @thedubaimiraclegarden and watching the sunset on the beach.
Animal Tales this week was seagulls, dead fish and an elephant on the beach.

Day 69 #onedailypositive #project366 this visit from @debs72_ has involved cake, a lot of cake, but I'm not complaining.

Day 70 #onedailypositive #project366 we've been enjoying the cooler weather in Dubai this week with the storms, after dismantling the broken gazebo and mopping the flooded kitchen floor, the sun came back out and re scheduled our desert safari for the afternoon and started our morning with breakfast on @atlantisthepalm @debs72_ 

Day 71 #onedailypositive #project366 after an early start and dropping my friend at the airport after a wonderful week, we took Bob out into the desert, did the food shop, then spent the rest of the day in bed watching tv and chilling out.
This weeks HDYGG was the garden surviving the storm in Dubai.

Day 72 #onedailypositive #project366 Saturday has been spent planning, writing reports and learning journals, followed by a cycle ride for coffee and cake and pick up some shopping. It will be an early night tonight and start the week fresh as I have a school trip and parent's evening on Tuesday and Wednesday.


  1. You had a lovely week!! And that "sundowner" picture is just stunning

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  3. I am glad you have found time to catch up with your friend, amazing how some friendships endure time better than others.
    Love your sunset picture.

    1. It was lovely to spend quality time with my friend

  4. Lovely selfie with your friend! The cake looks lush, and the mannequins are very colourful too.

    1. it was a lovely week, too much cake was eaten