Saturday 15 October 2016

Week 41 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

I was ill last week and lost my voice, but having gone into work on Sunday, I went to the Doctors and was diagnosed with Strep A, by Tuesday I was on antibiotics for a chest infection. I've spent most of the week asleep and coughing. I'm due back in work tomorrow but I'm really still not well.

It's also been a very difficult week for everyone back home. My 17 year old suffers with spontaneous choking, it has been getting worse as he gets older so spent Monday am in Cheltenham having tests. In the afternoon he carried his friend's coffin down the aisle at Tewkesbury Abbey. His friend John, aged 18, died of cancer in September, he was diagnosed in March.

My uncle died on Tuesday morning, aged 65, he was diagnosed with liver cancer 2-3 weeks earlier, no one expected his death to come so soon.

Looking for positives this week has obviously been a bit tricky, but I did manage to find some and here they are.

Sunday - Looking Up. It's getting much cooler in Dubai and we've been able to sit outside in the early mornings and evenings, although the humidity returned towards the end of the week.

Monday - Working Hard. Nope not me, been avoiding this all week. Technically my sick note ran out on Friday, so I'll do my planning for next week on Saturday evening.

Tuesday - Fairies. Where the heck did this odd sock come from? I wear socks only when I'm NOT in Dubai and we threw all the odd socks away after the last round of visitors, in fact we threw most of Peter's away and bought new ones. It was claimed by the 17 year old, via Instagram.

Wednesday - Midday. Around 36c.

Thursday - Simple Things. A fantastic find, a touch of home is always welcomed.

Friday - Out my Window. The view of Dubai Marina as we headed to the Sheraton at JBR for Oktoberfest, it was humid, I still wasn't feeling well, but it was nice to get out the house and speak to other adults for a few hours.

Saturday - Smile. The lovely smile of Deezy, who has been visiting us this weekend, we also had a visit from a couple who are interested in offering her a forever home, fingers crossed.


  1. So sorry to hear all your sad news this week and that you've been poorly too. I hope they find out what is causing your son's choking and can do something to help him.
    Deezy is very cute. I'm sure she will have no trouble finding a home.
    I had to laugh at your son identifying his sock via Instagram!

    1. Back in work, but not really feeling better, guess the stress from last week is adding to my recovery time

  2. Nooooooooooooo so sorry to hear about all the deaths. May their souls Rest In Peace and praying for comfort for you all

    1. Thank you Funso, it's a difficult time for everyone

  3. Oh no, what a hideous week for you all. Sending a virtual hug. I'm sure there's a black hole somewhere in the universe which is full of odd socks #366

    1. thank you, we are now odd sock free i returned the stray to the teen in the UK this week when i visited

  4. What a horrible week for many reasons. Huge hugs being sent your way.
    I always put my socks for washing in pairs and always end up with at least one odd one every time I put them for washing, though next time they usually reappear - no idea where they go meantime.
    Hope he gets a forever home, so many unwanted dogs in the world.
    your watering can picture is great.

    1. yep Deezy has gone to her new home and the odd sock was reunited with the teen this week