Sunday 23 October 2016

Week 42 - One Daily Positive and Project 366. Dubai to Newport.

It's been a super busy week. very little sleep with the demands of work, governors inspection, online learning journeys, baselines and upcoming visit from the Ministry of Education, I can't help but think, Harry Potter, Ministry of Magic and Monty Python, Ministry of Silly Walks.

Sunday #nature
In Zabeel Park

Monday #you
Blog hits and comments are slowing down, there used to be a time where 'publish' was good enough for starting a conversation, but nowadays it's just too much hard work to keep promoting and for what? Another offer to review baby products.

Tuesday - Orange
Changing room doors at the school pool. 

Wednesday -Treat
I'd been up since 4am, dropped Peter at the airport for a day in Saudi, in work at 5.30am and got 
home at 6pm, dinner on the go, packed suitcase, tidied up, took cat to vets, planned next weeks lessons, bed midnight.

Thursday - Family
peter wouldn't play ball with this photo, but it's just me, him and the cat and dog in Dubai. Work at 6.30am, observation by the school governors, staff meeting, classroom prep for when I'm away, home, out for dinner, shower, airport and flew to Qatar.

Friday - What I'm doing now
Transfered in Qatar and fell asleep on plane before take off at 1.30am local time. Woke at 5am over the English channel. Arrived in Birmingham, messed up the rental car booking, got to daughters house at 11am, drank tea, lunch at friends, arrived in Monmouth mid afternoon, signed papers at solitors for the apartment I've bought, transferred money and met up briefly with eldest son. Said Hello to my niece, went to parents at 7pm, spent 2 hours in the attic looking at family photo's, bathed and collapsed into bed.

Saturday - Eat
Stopped at garage to buy coffee and picked up Heinz chicken soup to take back to Dubai and a pumpkin to carve with niece, collected the teen, drove to Bristol to see MIL, called in to see Aunt and Cousin in Newport and back to Monmouth. Struggled with 3G and internet to send work email, blogged and off to bed very soon.


  1. We are off to Qatar this week and I was surprised to see your Facebook status as passing through the airport. Hope you have a good trip.

  2. wow what a hectic few days travelling back here and the having to visit so many people. it must be very tiring for you. i like the orange doors in the pool. i hope you enjoy the rest of your visit here x

  3. good grief woman one day you are going to meet yourself coming back. Busy busy busy, you make me feel quite lazy.
    Nice to catch up with as many people as you can right enough.
    I am being nosey - what you doing with the apartment while you are abroad?

    1. have PM'd you on Facebook re the apartment, busy time, back in dubai now and bloody shattered

  4. Oh gosh you have been rushing about!! I feel tired just reading about it all!

    1. i'm shattered and it's back to work tomorrow