Monday 19 March 2018

Holiday gifts for the cat and dog

I've been off on my travels to the UK for a month, leaving Bob and Pushkins in Dubai.

Peter joined me for the last week and he put them both into boarding.

Needless to say on our return they were very excited to us both. 

Since our return, Peter has returned to work and the cat and dog are never more than a few meters from my side.

There are a few things that Peter and I can't get in Dubai 'our taste of home' so the suitcase always contains our favourite food items. It also always contains something for the cat and dog, usually novelty items.

On this trip I found:
Dog Beer
Pawsecco Wine
Chocolate Easter Eggs 
The usual cat milk treat.

It's all designed for cats and dogs, contains no alcohol or actual chocolate, of which are dangerous to dogs. They're just novelty items and why not?


  1. You really do spoil your pets!! I am not letting Saari, Morgan or Moo read this post or they will be expecting goodies, too, when we come back from the UK. Greaat names for the drinks mind you!! #AnimalTales

    1. I'm always picking up gifts for the dog and cat