Monday 27 July 2015

Preparing for the teenage invasion

The 16 year old arrives in Dubai tomorrow from the UK for 30 days, that’s a whole month.

The teen lives with neither parent, in fact he doesn’t even live in a conventional family, he lives in boarding school, where people are paid to care for him including his washing and ironing. They act as his alarm clock, they tell him to wash, tidy his room, do his homework and he complies…why? Because of peer pressure.

He didn’t behave like that at home; everything was a constant battle, mind you to be fair, since the age of 7 he only lived at home for 2 and a half years and that was when we lived in South Africa.

This is his first trip to Dubai in the summer, he found it too hot over Easter and the temps were at least 10c cooler.

He’s sent a list of demands prior to his visit, sadly this house isn’t viewed as home, it’s the Parent’s home, but not the kids home, even though the 2 youngest moved with us from South Africa to Dubai so they could be part of the experience, but sadly due to the company not sorting out the visas in time, they stayed in hotels with us rather than living in the house for a month before returning to the UK.

His demands are as follows:

Wifi in his bedroom and it must be wireless
Air con that he can leave on 24/7 if he wants to
 Tickets to see Adam Savage in Mythbusters in Abu Dhabi on August 14th
Unlimited cold drinks
A Sunday Roast every weekend
Ice pops

We’ll happily comply with all the above, I’m cooking a roast for tomorrow evening, the water cooler has been refreshed, tickets for Adam Savage have been purchased, the air con is on 24/7 anyway, but shhhhh don’t tell him that.

I’ve not given him my list of demands yet, although I did ask him if he'll come to the desert with me to let the dog play and accompany me to the Aquarium which he's agreed to willingly.

I’m not actually bothered about whether he washes, what time he sleeps till or what he wears. Although I have been out and bought toiletries, clothes and beach gear as he never packs it. His last trip here he packed all his school books, a winter coat, 2 jumpers, 3 pairs of pants and a couple of odd socks.

It’s just going to be nice to have him home.


  1. Make the most of having your son in Dubai for the entire month. I hope he gets used to the temperature this time around!

  2. Hope he has a brilliant time although it's going to be a lot hotter now isn't it? That AC will be very much loved won't it?

    1. while he's inside spending money on the zircon at least he won't be in the malls spending even more money

  3. Ha! I like the demands there - are you going to see Adam Savage too? I bet it’ll be ace!

    Ha, I’d also wind him up with a pretend modem in his bedroom which he has to plug his laptop/tablet into just to be a contrary mary :-)

    1. give me strength, i've spent all morning resetting the internet after he tried to improve it again