Thursday 16 July 2015

Niagara Falls, Canada June 2015

When I was challenged to write my Ultimate Bucket List I'd already booked my flight to Canada, but I'd recommend if you don't have it on your list already that you add 'Visit the Niagara Falls.' They are truly amazing.

I'm staying with friends in Hamilton, Ontario and the local tourist office don't offer tours to Niagara from here, you need to catch the train or the bus into Toronto and book with an agent out there.

Arriving in Niagara this was my first glimpse of the falls, the American Falls, I was already impressed, it was all much bigger than I could've imagined. 

The second thing I noticed was a London Bus, i have no idea why I was surprised to one or what it was doing there.

Driving into Niagara via Lundys Lane the big tourist area with theme park rides, casinos and souvenir shops, we turned right at the bottom and drove to the very end where we parked for $20 for the whole day. If you park at a meter it's $5 for every 30 minutes and you'll easily spend the whole day there.

My first view of Niagara Falls in the mist.

On parking up we headed off to the Skylon Tower where we'd booked a buffet lunch. The cost was $27.50 and as we were early we were seated at the window directly overlooking the falls. It's a long walk up the hill to the tower. You need to book in advance and arrive 15 minutes before your allocated time slot. The food was reasonable, but the queuing system for the buffet needs a bit of work as you queue from both sides and there is a bit of a melee when you reach the cooked meat. There is an additional cost for drinks and the waitron collects your dirty plates and brings fresh cutlery.

We arrived an hour early and apart from a coffee shop and several gift shops there was nothing to do and we were hanging around until our time slot.

The price of the buffet includes the trip up the tower and to the viewing platform with a 360 view.

Team Blue, American Tourists

Team Red, Canadian Tourists

Lundy Lane Entertainment 

Up close and very wet over in America

Canadian Tourists :-)

Maid in the Mist

Lundy lane

It would be rude not to stop for a beer

Gorgeous Rainbow over the Falls

Making friends

Plenty of gift shops

That sure is some distance covered from Texas and Florida

Panoramic View


  1. Stunning!!!! Definitely a bucket list item

  2. Ohh wonderful pictures. One of those places I’ve always wanted to go, but have never got to. Are people mad in those boats? I wouldn’t dare go in one!!!! What fabulous views with the food too - I’d probably just gaze out of the window all day at it all - it seems nice and calming (I need calm!)

    1. there's no way id be in one of those boats, over crowded and very wet

  3. Well those are cute Canadian tourists! lol