Friday 31 July 2015

Organising your wardrobe

I find that I always seem to wear a variation of below

Jeans or 3 quarter jeans, black t shirt and black sandals

Living in Dubai means I don't need to think about jumpers and coats etc, but when I visit the UK, I add black boots and a black coat.

I do own clothes that don't aren't black or denim, but not many. I have my favourites and tend to stick to them.

After a recent holiday and an 8 hour time difference to adjust to, my trusted favourites were all in the wash for a week and I was forced to wear something different and once I'd caught up with the washing and ironing I decided to turn the hangers of the clothes I hadn't worn around and and not wear anything else until I'd gone through my entire wardrobe.

Towards the end of the 3 weeks, I found all I had left was this combination.

I was actually back to where I started, black top and denim bottom, so I think to some extent I failed, yet I've worn every single item of clothing I own, including most of my dresses, apart from one or two which aren't suitable for wearing in Dubai, without a jacket, which in this heat just doesn't work.

Upon leaving South Africa we packed up all our winter clothes, which are kept in a separate wardrobe, which I had a sort through this week and found 5 skirts I'd forgotten I'd owned as I don't really like wearing them, but after wearing the denim skirt I've put them back in the main wardrobe and I'll be wearing them next week, assuming they fit me still.

There were a few tops I appear to have outgrown and a couple of pairs of jeans I'd been hanging on to in the hope I'd fit them again one day, but I'm afraid that the 'one day' has now passed and along with couple of tops they've been put in the charity pile and 2 pairs of combat trousers have been relegated to the 'beach wear' and 'dog walk in the desert' shelf.


  1. Isn't it satisfying to have a real rummage through your wardrobe every so often and a good sort out? When we moved to The Barn I realised I had lots of clothes that just didn't fit me anymore and I was ruthless about clearing them out and taking the good ones to a charity shop. Love that you have dog walks in the desert!

    1. i had a massive sort out and donation when we moved 7 months ago

  2. I love having a good sort out and tend to do this at least a couple of times a year, It's always so lovely when you spot something you'd forgotten about - I hope that the skirts still fit!!

    1. will let you know about the skirts am now slowly working my way through the rest of the house