Friday 4 September 2015

Childhood Gardens with #HDYGG?

After moving continents the end of last year, I finally got round to unpacking the remaining boxes that had been kept in the store rooms at our villa.

It's the only time we ever look through the old photo albums is when we move home, as we are packing up and as we eventually get round to unpacking. This is the 4th home we've had in 5 years.

With it being summer in Dubai, it's got to the stage after 3 months of nothing but heat, that I've run out of things I can do in regards to 'creating a garden in the desert' 

So I thought I'd take you for a trip through the gardens of my childhood and yes, I am that old, some of the photos are black and white before it was considered to be 'in'

I wrote a post back in April about my trip to UK garden's in spring and I'll be visiting again next month and will write a post about autumn. 


Aged 1  

Aged 2 

Aged 2 


Aged 3 

Aged 4

Aged 5

My Grans garden in Cwmbran


The good old camera strap in the way

Aged 6 ready for the Carnival float

Aged 7 dressing up

Aged 8 with my cousin

Aged 9

Aged 10

Our back garden

The front garden. 


The view from the back door in Ross-on-Wye

Aged between 15 and 17

With my nan and mum and dog Sukie

Meanwhile back in the present and out to the desert. I decided to bring the tomato seedling indoors and noticed that within a few days, some other seeds already in the pot have grown, I've no idea what they are, but I decided to bring the rest of the pots in to see what else will germinate.

As it's very humid at the moment, with little respite after sun set, I've been walking Bob in the daylight. Despite the heat it is still very green in Dubai and still many plants flowering.

I saw this plant with a yellow flower so I took a few cuttings.


  1. The earliest known photograph of me in the garden is when I was a couple of months old and I'm in my pram with full pramsuit on. It the summer of 1976 known for being one of the warmest ever and I'm done up like it's the Arctic! My husband swears this is why I'm always cold now!

    1. I remember that summer, it was the year we moved and I had to leave my friends at school

  2. Oh what a lovely wander down memory lane! My Dad is a very keen photographer so the first picture of me in a garden I'm only a few days old, plump and squished in proper newborn style!

    1. there are few photos of me as I was always the one with the camera

  3. Replies
    1. I'm sure there are more photos in the family somewhere

  4. What great photos - and clearly you were a very young bride! It's lovely to look back and see the gardens of our childhood and how much time we spent in them for photos! #hdygg

    1. I've really enjoyed looking through all the old photos

  5. Oh what a wonderful collection of photos. I feel photos like these are so special as we took far fewer in the days before digital cameras. The results may have been far from perfect but I think they show a far more realistic snapshot of the times.

    1. I've started printing photos out again of special days out and displaying them in albums, i much prefer to flick through them than see them on a screen

  6. I love your photos, such nostalgia, I must do the same. I had a great love for the garden from an early age.

    1. my mum has always loved her garden and still loves it now despite it shrinking in size as they've moved

  7. Oh those old photos are great! I have some like this at my mums somewhere, sitting in a box no doubt. So nice to share them and reminisce!

    1. i am the keeper of all the old family photos and I'm also the only one who takes them these days