Saturday 30 January 2016

Week 4 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

All of a sudden it was Wednesday, it was only one day till the weekend and one more night till hubby returned from Turkey and the only thing I'd achieved this week was to still be alive. I was also convinced there was another week in January, as it's passed by in a blur.

I'm so tired since returning to work, despite getting around 7 hours of undisturbed sleep every night and no other commitments apart from walking the dog. I've been eating healthily, salad and fruit during the day and a meal every evening, either home cooked or stopping off somewhere on my way back from work. I wrote a list for My Sunday Photo of things I wanted to do, but just didn't achieve, as I've still been battling with a heavy cold all week and ended up in bed by 6pm on Thursday.

I also forgot to post day 24 and 25, I found them in the saved folder. I really need to get myself better organised, I can't carry on like this, it's driving me mad.

Day 24 #onedailypositive #project366 there goes hubby for the week to Turkey with work. I hate being on my own but at least now I'm working and it's only the evenings and I have plenty of things to occupy my time.

Day 25 #onedailypositive #project366 I almost had a melt down at work today, I felt overloaded with things to do. I'm managing the teaching, planning, students, classroom, behaviour, paperwork and other staff rather well, individually, but when everything demands my attention within a short space of time, I'm finding it tough. It's only my 4th week back in work in 5 years, so I guess I should go easy on myself. I lost my car key, which someone handed into security which I'm grateful for, I had a sleep, recovered and finished all the laminating. New day tomorrow.

Day 26 #onedailypositive #project366 I took Bob out for a walk searching for inspiration for my daily photo and realised that if I turn right out the gate and crossed the road I could see the @burjalarab 3.5 miles away usually I turn left and see the @burjkhalifa 5.5 miles away. This week's Animal Tales post answers the question 'Does a bear shit in the woods?'

Day 27 #onedailypositive #project366 I set myself a 10.30pm bedtime. I got home from work at 4.30pm wrote letters and filled paperwork for the UK, went to the post office, shopped, had dinner out, did next weeks planning, walked the dog, had a bath, went to bed on time. However it's 11pm now, hubby arrives home at 4am from Turkey and I have work tomorrow, so putting book down, finish tea, clean teeth and sleep.

Day 28 #onedailypositive #project366 I was so tired at the end of the week I had to use old photos for the 2 photo prompts and like this post, it's a day late. The 3 other pics I took were of the car temp at 22c at 6.30am and it's supposed to be winter and the morning shot of the sky outside my front door. The cat and dog are now spending sun-thurs on their own since I returned to work and they're not too impressed. At the moment we leave Bob outside while the weather is cooler and the cat decides daily if she wants to be in or out. The positive is that the cat is choosing to spend more time with us rather than just being there. She did make us laugh when she demanded stroking and promptly deciding hubby should stop by hissing and clawing at him. This week's HDYGG post was from last summers trip to Canada and The Gardens of Casa Loma, Toronto.

Day 29 #onedailypositive #project366 despite feeling really ill since yesterday evening I'm really glad I made the effort to get to @thedubaimall to see the World Record 70,000 LED display on the @burjkhalifa

Day 30 ‪#‎onedailypositive‬ ‪#‎project366‬ I woke at 5am coughing and spluttering and a blocked nose, we ran out of gas for the stove and had to use the camp stove, attempted to return the car hire but the car wouldn't start, tried several times to get up and do something but was unable to get out of bed for too long. On a positive, Peter cleaned the house and cooked dinner, which removed a lot of stress and helped me to rest.


  1. January does seem to have gone by in a blur!

    Oh wow the burj khalifa looks amazing!

    1. I'm hoping its because I've started work and not my age that makes the months speed by me now

  2. I'm sorry you've had such a tough week. I think January is a tough month in general. Here's to a better February x

    1. yes i've seen lots of status updates about Jan being a hard month for most

  3. im afraid the week got worse and i ended up in hospital on a drip with a severe migraine

  4. You will get use to being back at work, and nice to read that hubby is helping out around the house when he is home and able to do so. Saw your video of the lights. they were well impressive.
    I am sure the cat is not too fussy about being home alone but the dog may not be so keen, but again they will get use to it.
    What a nuisance the hire car not starting

    1. still waiting for the return of our deposit from the car hire, the cat and dog seem to be adapting, they're used to me being away for long periods of time, i get a lovely greeting when i do get home from work

  5. It's never easy to go back to work, hope you feel better soon. Your lovely cat reminded me of the cat we had many years ago. As for being tired, have you tried drinking matcha tea? Apparently it is good for energy. I only tried it a couple of times, it's not very tasty but did keep my slumber at bay.

    1. not heard of matcha tea, can't imagine I'd like it, as i don't like herbal teas

  6. Hope you're feeling better now. Just as well your husband was around to help.