Thursday 7 January 2016

How do my seedlings grow?

I started the last seed planting on November 30th, it's winter in Dubai, which is very similar to a UK summer but with far less rain.

It took 8 days for the seeds to germinate.

By 18th December nearly everything was on show

By the 28th December, everything that was going to germinate was here, or so I thought


I really need to find the time to split these seedlings up.

At the back left is rocket, centre basil and front nasturtium. The nasturtium and the sweet pea are doing better than last years efforts as they require temps of around 15c to germinate, but it is doubtful that either of them will flower as all their energy in this climate goes into growing, not producing flowers, but I'll let you know.

I've no idea what these seeds are as the pen has worn off the label with the sun.

1 viola

I had an amazing display of marigolds and petunias during the summer months, when temps reached 50c, it would appear that these plants need much warmer weather in which to germinate. I'll leave them for now and see what happens over the next few months when it starts to warm up.

I've been unable to purchase strawberry plants, it would appear I should've bought them back in September and October, but I was travelling quite a bit then so decided to wait until my return. I've tried growing the strawberries from seeds, but no luck so far.

We've had a lovely crop of home grown tomatoes

Hubby decided to trim the tree, as in the branches were over hanging the shed doors and he could no longer get in there.

I stumbled across a lovely little garden centre and reasonably priced on my walk back from the train station, that I'm hoping to explore a bit more this weekend.


  1. 8 days to germinate - wow, that'd be perfect. Looks like it's all going well - and your mystery seeds, did you sow any nigella / love in a mist?

    1. I still have no idea what those mystery seeds are, but they have started to germinate now

  2. Lovely to see everything coming along nicely. I have itchy fingers to sow seeds but know I really must wait. We had what was almost our first frost of the winter this morning and more cold weather is forecast. I shall have to be content ordering seeds online!

    1. I'm afraid the seeds are a little neglected i just haven't had the time to plant them out yet

  3. I wish we had some of that heat here at the moment - it's grey, wet and really REALLY cold (well not that cold really but I have flu so the shivers aren't helped by the little cold!)

    That's speedy germination - interesting that the energy goes into growing and not flowering so much - so many things I wouldn't have thought of!

    Thanks for joining in again :)

    1. hope you're feeling a bit better now Annie, its been cold here, but relative to the hot summers only