Wednesday 28 December 2016

Growing old gracefully.

Back in the summer, 2016, I took up an offer with The Daily Mail to have my hair dyed grey, cut and styled like Theresa May. 

Why? Because I've been grey since the age of 28 and I spend a fortune dying it blonde to hide the grey from the outside world. But who was I kidding? There aren't many 45 year olds that don't have grey hair these days. so rather than deny the fact I was getting older, I decided to embrace it.

When I looked into having my hair dyed grey, professionally it was around £200 +, so when I saw the request from Jill Foster for the Daily Mail, I decided to go for it.




I will admit, I hated the finished style, when a gust of wind caught me, it was my feet that moved and not my hair where I had so many products in it, but I loved the colour and the cut when it wasn't so heavily styled. I've been able to maintain it with ash blonde toner as the blonde continues to grow out.

Edward James Aveda in London, did a fantastic job with the cut and blending in the grey, it was a great experience and a once in a lifetime visit to a BAFTA hairdresser, not somewhere I could justify a monthly visit to.

The only trouble is I no longer like being grey, I feel washed out, my hair is dull and lifeless and there's no style to it anymore.


I failed to recognise myself in the picture above and my 21 year old son says I need to sort my hair out, most days I'm walking around like this.

I've not had much luck with cuts and colours in Dubai and it's bloody expensive and I certainly can't afford to travel to the UK just to get my hair done, regardless of the stylist and Salon I choose, so I guess I'll keep wearing my hair up, I don't need to use the toner anymore, but I'm not happy with it.

My son suggested dying it purple, pink or blue. In his words 'why not grow old disgracefully?'

Any suggestions or recommendations greatly received.


  1. I quite like your stern Tory look :-) (I stopped dying mine ages ago and haven't had it cut for over 6 months - I really must get something done!!)

    1. I'm going to wait till i go back to south africa in the summer where i can afford to have it done