Saturday 3 December 2016

Week 48 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

A few days without visitors, for as from Wednesday we are full up till January 10th 2017.
Been waiting for my Mother to arrive to start Christmas and for the UAE National Day Celebrations to end to show her what Dubai offers over the Christmas period.

Having arrived on Wednesday morning and me being granted early leave from work, we visited the Creek and took an Abra over to the Gold Souk and took a walk along the Dubai Water Canal, before Mother admitted defeat and said 'STOP' I need to teach her a few Arabic words starting with 'Khalas' which means 'enough'

Thursday we went into the desert with Bob, popped into the Garden Centre and the Oasis Mall.

Friday to Mall of the Emirates and then Dubai Marina and The Beach at JBR for dinner and to watch the firework display.

Saturday was a trip to Dubai Mall for a quick run round to see the Burj Khalifa, the aquarium, some shopping and of course coffee and cake.

My mother says Dubai is noisy, looks like Gothom City and is bling on steroids. She is however loving every minute of her visit and is looking forward to both Peter and I being in work tomorrow so she can just rest and take time to gather her thoughts before her head explodes, we've only shown her a small fraction of what is yet to come.

Sunday Day 332 Abandoned places.
My sewing room where I've been attempting to make beds for rescued dogs, feel slightly better for dropping off a box of towels, 2 beds, a carrier and several blankets to Doggies Palace on behalf of DAWS. Mother will be sewing for me during the week while I'm working.

Monday Day 333 Outdoors
Afternoon tea on the way home from work with a friend, fantastic view of the Burj Khalifa from Fortnum and Mason, stayed until sunset to watch the fountains and LED display. Will be taking the mother here of course.

Tuesday Day 334 Mythical Creatures.
My troll collection from when I was a teenager.

Wednesday Day 335 Dark.
They don't do dark in Dubai. Waterfall off Sheik Zayed Road lit up in the colours of the UAE flag for National Day on the newly opened Dubai Water Canal.

Thursday Day 336 Art.
More lights, more colours from the UAE flag.

Friday Day 337 Lunchtime. 
A show to explain the 45th National Day for the UAE.

Saturday Day 338 Happy.
So enjoyed this morning and the cooler weather that the fog brought us, although it is slightly scary when you can't see the Burj Khalifa from anywhere, slight feeling of doom and Armageddon kicks in.


  1. I bet your mum will have the best time with you! It sounds like you are keeping her very busy sightseeing. Love the photo of the Burj Khalifa with the afternoon tea.

  2. Didn't realise you could get fog in Dubai. Must be lovely to have your mother visiting.

    1. all year it's hot and hotter, the only other weather is rain once a year, fog twice a year and sand storms maybe 3 times a year

  3. No wonder your poor mother is glad for you to go back to work.....she sounds like you are giving her a lot of visitor trips, glad you are both enjoying your time together.
    My daughter had dozens and dozens of trolls as well, they were all the rage on more than one occasion as I remember having lots as a kid as well.
    Loved your canal pic.
    Our rescue places dont take quilts any more as they have no way to launder them.

    1. i have no idea about laundering here either, but i'd be happy to collect and wash and return

  4. I think I agree with your Mum and it must be so much more now too. Weird with the fog but do love all the light displays #366

    1. dubai is simply stunning when it comes to any festival

  5. I'm here now and living it. Love mum

  6. I've been to Dubai but I love your mother's description 'bling on steroids'! ;) Some of your photos and I think she's close!

  7. Look at your Troll collection - thats amazing.It must be wonderful having your mum to stay . the rainbow coloured water displays are fab. It must be a real eye opener seeing all the sights and sounds of Dubai - I can quite believe your Mum (her description was funny!) x

    1. she's loving every minute of her trip and we're keeping her very busy

  8. In this post the collection of your trolls makes me read your post.