Saturday 24 December 2016

Week 51 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

Well I'm pleased to say my mother has now returned to the UK, I'm bloody shattered. I have explained to her that what we've been doing is not our average week.

Sunday we collected child 4 of 5 who is here until January 7th. I also took Bob to meet Santa.
 Day 352 Thank you

Monday been to the Mall of the Emirates and to Kite beach. 
Day 353 Roast The only place I'm prepared to put the oven on and cook a roast is inside the Ski Dome.

Tuesday had afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason's as well as going up the Burj Khalifa and watched the fountain and LED display, all in one day. 
Day 354 Holly

Wednesday went to the beach, drunk coffee and visited Za'beel Gardens for their How does your garden glow event.
Day 355 Tree

Thursday Dan and I (child 4 of 5) after taking my mother to the airport went to visit a dog for adoption and drop off some presents, went to a dog christmas party and carol service and collected a raffle prize I won when I took Bob to visit Santa.
Day 356 Baubles

Friday into the desert with the dogs and food shopping in the afternoon. 
Day 357 Drink Just to show that we can drink alcohol in Dubai as well as drive a car, wear a bikini on the beach, eat pork and celebrate Christmas.

Saturday we went to Dubai Mall which was surprisingly empty for Peter to buy my gifts and then I visited a friend and did the food shop so we can stay in till the next airport run.
Day 358 Ho Ho Ho

Christmas lunch is at the Sheraton, there are no plans for boxing day and on the 27th we collect child 5 of 5 Alex and our niece from the airport ready for the New Year.


  1. Sounds like there's still a lot of Christmassy things with you over in Dubai. One of my old work colleagues lived in Dubai for a couple of years and she worked for a wine company over there. It was terribly male oriented though in the way she was treated, but yes I was originally surprised they had a wine company based there.

    Happy new year

    1. i know it sounds strange but my husband works in food and beverage

  2. I love that there are so many events or places for dogs to go in Dubai and I'm very taken with the flags on the Christmas tree.

    1. I was tiring of traditional baubles and with us doing so much travel i thought it would be nice to build up a travel xmas tree, using flag decorations rather than just something from a country we visited

  3. I love the big lit up Christmas tree, looks amazing.
    a dog Christmas party? Really? Such a thing exists?
    Never seen an Elf Slice, but then I do not tend to buy readymade cakes very often.
    Nice to see some of the family make it.

    1. yep loads of dog christmas parties here in Dubai