Saturday 17 December 2016

Week 50 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

My last week as a teacher in Dubai. I survived a year, but it wasn't for me. After 5 years of not being able to work, I think I probably took the wrong job, so I could reclaim some of my identity.
There's no sadness about leaving. The work load was manageable and I loved teaching the kids, but I felt under so much pressure to be 'better' all the time. My reasons for leaving were because of this, but I told the parents it was because I needed to spend more time with my family in the UK. 

My official letter wasn't issued till Tuesday and it implied that the school had asked me to leave.
'From time to time we have to restructure staffing arrangements.........'

My colleagues came to say goodbye and threw me a little party, the parents and children gave me some amazing gifts of jewellery, flowers and perfumes, but the management team didn't say goodbye, my salary cheque wasn't ready and I was even told I had to do planning for the new teacher for the first week back.

So no regrets.

My mum is still finding it too hot to go out during the day so it's home from work and off out somewhere. this week we visited Mirdif City Centre Mall, The aquarium on the Palm, Mercato Mall, City Walk and The Green Planet Rain Forest, Dubai Festival City and the beach at sunset for a walk and dinner.

Day 346 Carol. Mirdif City Centre, christmas shopping.

Day 347 Dark. The Atlantis Palm. A visit to the aquarium, a drive round the Palm and fish and chips for supper on the Board Walk.

Day 348 Teacher. Completing the final pieces of paperwork in school. In the evening we popped to Mercato Mall where I picked up some Jack Wills clothing for the 2 youngest kids for Christmas as there was 40% off.

Day 349 Looking up. The Green planet rain forest.

Day 350 Family. Last day at work and some of the gifts from the families of the children in my class. 
We went out for a meal in the evening to The Walk at JBR with Peter's colleagues.

Day 351 Cake. A visit to Dubai Festival City, including a trip to Ikea.

Day 352 Thank you. Bob and Jelly's party bag from Dog Walk. 
We're looking after a friends dog until the New Year.


  1. It must be a relief to walk away from the job. It's nice that you were so appreciated by the kids, their families and your colleagues, but very annoying that management were so unsupportive.
    I hope you can enjoy Christmas now!

    1. so glad to have packed this job in, it just really wasn't for me, have to go back in the new year to collect my final salary cheque

  2. Sounds like you are well rid if your employers treat you like that, but looks as if those that really mattered really appreciated your work. That rainforest looks amazing #366

    1. the rain forest was good, but i had expected a lot more for duai.

  3. Your data photo makes me feel sad and it is that side of the job I really struggle with - glad you got a good send off from the people that matter x

    1. to be honest i found the data and the teaching and all the planning not too difficult, making resources took too much time and everything was dropped on us last minute and they'd keep changing the way we had to record things

  4. Sounds oike moving job is a good thing. It's funny seeing M&S cakes over there. Are they welsh cakes?

  5. Glad you are still feeling leaving was the right thing to do. Something else will come up I am sure. You are a capable educated woman who will find a niche that suits. Some nice looking gifts there.