Thursday 9 February 2012

Enough is more moping

I've had it up to here with waiting for other people to get back to me.

I've had enough of companies failing to get back to me, individuals letting me down, by their lack of thought, effort and just dam right lies.

But no more...

I've been depressed, I've been ill, I've shouted, I've complained (telephone, email, letter and in person) I've cried.

And today it stops.

I've given up with my complaint against Vodafone for their complete lack of customer care, refusing to respond to emails, phone calls.

I will not dignify Britannia Movers with replying to their latest email that started....'without prejudice' and ended with 'we contacted the agent in the UK, they said they had no problems' so that's alright then.

I'm resigned to the fact that I don't have a volunteers role with The London2012 Olympics (if anything is offered now it will be accepted)

I'm not going to the Doctors for advice and guidance, they can give me pills, refer me for therapy, but they can't take away how I've felt for the past year, they can't magic me up a job (no one can, the laws of the country make it almost impossible for me to work her). No one can remove the damage that has been done to me as an individual from all the above.

It's my responsibility I've allowed these things to get to me in the absence of anything else in my life (work, study, friends)

I will continue with my quest for compensation with HSBC after I recieved a letter of apology for the fact their advisor and literature mislead us.

I will continue to chase Barloworld Toyota for my tyre pressure guage, even if I have to pay for it myself.

I've got out of bed, I've dressed, I've photocopied my passport to take to the police station to get finger printed so I can get my police clearance check and then I can call some organisations that people have recommend and start the voluntary work.

I'm going to sort Daniels provisional licence out, book Alex his scuba diving lessons, Go to visit the offices of Discovery Med Aid and ask them exactly how this bloody scheme works adn I'm going back to UNISA to find out what course I can study that is relevant to what I've already done and to living here. I've contacted the Open University to find out how/if I can continue with my studies.

But first of all I shall start with a cup of tea, after all I'm British and that's what we do in a crisis.

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