Friday 3 February 2012

I'm changing my name...just call me Martha

The secret to being the perfect wife and mother or is it just Groundhog day?

No. I'm not trying to sell you anything, I'm not even going to offer you any household tips or money saving ideas...I'm just going to show you what happened to my life/home/family the day we moved to South Africa...not it's not because of the country or the weather and No, I don't have a maid...I'm just bored, kids are teens, hubby has a busy and demanding job that takes him out the house for 12 hrs a day and I no longer work, study, run a football club, sit on various committees, have a huge social life (although that is improving)... I'm home alone from 6.45am till gone 2pm each day.

I wash, dry and Iron every day.

Hence my back kitchen and yard look like this after 10am every day

I wash up as I go along and unless it's being used, everything is put away.

I cook a meal from scratch every single day (unless we eat out).

Strips of beef, marinaded in Oyster and Soy sauce, selection of chopped veg, and softened noodles of choice. Brown beef (or you could use chicken) add veg, stir fry, add noodles, warm through and serve.

I hand write letters.

I bake cakes.

I do arts and crafts.

But this is one step too far.....I need to get out the house more.

However, laugh as you may, it's that or I'll cry, this is one 'time saving' idea that I would like to share with you.

It's my upstairs, downstairs box.....that's right, put everything in to go downstairs and then after child/hubby has been ordered to take it downstairs and put contents away, it then lives at the bottom of the stairs waiting for it to get filled up again.

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