Friday 10 February 2012

It's my twitter and my blog, stop trying to tell me what to do

I am fed up of 'social media' experts telling me how to tweet and blog, telling me what millions of people want to see from my tweets and how to organise my blog for maximum reach.

Well do you know what? I'm not reaching millions and neither are they. A few are successful, have books published (please note most are self published e books) I'm blogging/tweeting as I see fit and in a way so are they, but I hate the generalisation of 'people don't like...' or 'people prefer it if you...'

I personally hate it when I follow someone and get an automated DM 'Hey thanks for following, lets keep in touch' I do unfollow if it's obvious they're only interested in numbers or just promoting a business, but after I've re read their tweets to see if this is something maybe a 'social media' expert has advised them to do for the 'personal touch'

Some people are fortunate to make money off their blogs, but setting up a blog to tell you how to make money off it, really gets my goat. Most people get free products to review and I note that nearly all the reviews are how wonderful and fab said product is. Give me a product to review and I'll not write about it as if it's changed my life, I'll just mention it in a relevant post and I'll tell you if it's not that fab/wonderful/life changing.

I don't care about comments, I'm not looking for attention, I'm use blogging for when I want to tweet longer (and BTW if I want to use 'tweet longer' I bloody well will) when I'm angry with something, when we've done something amazing, my blog is a diary to use as reflection of our life in South Africa, a place to share with family and friends, to post (what I consider to be) amazing pictures and experiences.

So if you don't like my blogging/tweeting just unfollow. I have and continue to do so with many people.

And finally #IfIWantToUseaHashtagIWill

And that is my last word on 'social media' experts as I'm unfollowing most of them today and won't be subjected to their thoughts in my timeline.

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