Sunday 19 February 2012

How to spot an expat?

We are the ones in Pick and Pay that yell 'kids they sell hula hoops' that stockpile the Dr Pepper from the Spar.

We get family and friends to post over home comforts and we tweet in despair when we run out of tea.

All gifts sent home are souvenirs. Parents houses are full of 'local' tea towels.

We exclaim 'how much?' at all the cadbury chocolate and verge on becoming alcoholics at the low price of spirits and wines.


  1. Ah the tea! I could weep! I soooo know what you go through for your pain is my pain. The tea in Canada (Red Rose is the main brand) is like drinking dishwater (sorry Canadians) and I get anyone going back to the UK to bring me some Assam. Chocolate isn't the same either although the packaging might be. We're the ones yelling "OMG, there's a raccoon!" whenever we pass roadkill!

  2. I drink tea all day long but really do not miss PG Tips (or any other UK brand). Even the bargain priced Glen Tea in SA is great for my taste buds. Maybe I am not the great tea drinker I thought I was.