Sunday 5 February 2012

'What have you been doing all day?'

I've got a bit of a temperature, sore throat, runny nose and my body aches. So yesterdayI took to my bed for the afternoon, dosed up on paracetamol, a mug of tea, book and twitter and fell asleep for a short time.

During this time my family left me alone, they watched TV, no arguments. It was bliss.

Hubby called me around 8pm to say he'd made a curry and would I like was delicious.

I had a fitful sleep during the night, was up and down, some tweeting, tea, a smoke.

I woke this morning at 8.30am and hubby left the house within 15 minutes to take his car to be cleaned.

I saw the devestation in the kitchen and I freaked. Onion peel on the floor, curry stains on the work service, plates, pots and pans piled high all coated in the yellow curry stain.

I made a cup of tea, I put the bread maker on and knocked up a sausage casserole for in the week as the meat was going out of date today.

Still feeling ill and very hot, I opted to run the iron over the school uniform so I could then justify going back to bed and resting for the day.

I was ignoring the mess, he'll clean it if I leave it...but I couldn't ignore and despite him not being here to hear me, I thumped and banged every dirty dish in the dishwasher, I wiped down every surface. A child ran to my rescue and swept the floor joining in with my mutterings. I smashed a crystal wine glass, not in anger but beacause everything had just been shoved onto the units and came crashing down like Kerplunk when I moved one thing.

I swore, I sweated, I stopped for a drink...I finished, I showered...I went back to bed.

He came home...I told him I was feeling ill still, I asked him to make me a cup of tea...his response was 'what have you been doing all morning?'

I smiled sweetly, I returned to bed, something was muttered in the lounge with younger son.

Tea was delivered and followed with 'can I get you anything else darling?'

I think I might get him to take me out for lunch.

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