Saturday 25 February 2012

I guess we're just not that important

Now before you go getting all indigent with me and start saying 'what about......? what I'm trying to say here, is that life moves on. Moves on for those who leave and start new lives and moves on for those that have stayed behind.

Yet you haven't choosen to stay behind in the same sense we've chosen to move on. We haven't moved on because our lives were boring and going no where, we moved on because we were given an opportunity, we didn't seek it, we weren't being brave taking such a big step, someoone called us and said 'hey do you fancy living and working in South Africa?'

So we set off 4 months later on a new advventure, no expectations, some big disappointments, a lot of upheavel and many, many tears.

At first contact with home was vitle, post, internett, phone calls, we craved it, we encouraged people to write, we sent gifts as an incentive to get replies and we just plain gave up on some people. We have been pleasantly surprised by others with the time, effort and finance to make us feel like we are still part of their lives and still of importance and value in their lives and you just don't realise how much we appreciate and love you all.

It only neeeds too be a post card, a tweet out of the blue to say 'how you doing?' a messaage on facebook where you've contacted me first, rather than me having to say 'hi' all the time or a box of pg tips for that little touch of home.

I know many more of you have written and I have no idea where this post has got to and I discovered in December back in the UK that a lot of you thought I couldn't be arsed to reply and made an effort to contact me via email.

But it's all died down now, everyone has moved on, the excitement having family and friends in Africa has worn off. I'm sure you can find 5 minutes out of your day to reply to my emails at the very least and it only takes a few seconds to click 'like' on a facebook posting.

Our lives have changed beyond recognition now and I know it would be hard for us just to slip back into your life again, but please don't forget about us, we are a little isolated here and I know it was our choice to move but we didn't intend on forgeting about you all, so don't forget us, after all we do make an excellent holiday destination.


  1. I'd send you a care package everyweek if I knew your address :-) but will keep giving you twitter cuppas xxx blossom101

    1. I know you would but I'm afraid stuff rarely arrives dm your address and I'll start the letter writing in the morning

    2. I know you would but I'm afraid stuff rarely arrives dm your address and I'll start the letter writing in the morning