Thursday 23 February 2012

What season is it?

Well here in South Africa it is coming into autumn and in the Uk it is nearly spring, simple, you still with me. But I'm struggling with it all, as it's February, summer can't nearly be over can it, it's February, I should be looking forward to the warmer months. It's nearly Easter, that means spring, new life etc etc chickens, bunny rabbits, spring lambs springing, clocks springing forward and lots of chocloate eggs. Ok so we have Easter here but that's in the autumn, leaves falling off the trees, dark night looming, winter on the horizon, clocks going back, halloween and bonfire night. But there's no halloween and bonfire night here in autumn because that now happens in spring. The clocks remain the same all year, sun set and sun rise varies by an hour or two and spring only lasted one day, it was on the 1st of Septmeber this year, autumn was merely a few weeks. It's not cold in the winter here in the day and it never rains, but it does drop to freezing over night...did you know that? There may be a dew in the mornings but there's no ground frost and I've heard talk of snow in the winter but not seen any here yet. The reason I'm confused is because of my dining room table..yes you heard me right...It's themed or rather I'm trying to theme it. First there was christmas and what's it doing in the summer and why is my birthday now the middle of winter?
Then there was valentines
But what do I do for Easter? I need an autumnal theme with an Easter feel. Do you have any ideas? Mind you I'm not sure it matters that much these tomato plants were planted in spring as you would do in the Uk, but now nearing autumn they're just starting to grow.

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