Thursday 2 February 2012

Oi!!! Do you want a sandwich?

It's Thursday night, it's football training.

Actually every Monday and Thursday I collect Dan from school at 4pm. I make him a pack lunch as we don't get home till 7pm and by the time I've cooked tea it's 8pm.

I was late picking him up today so he didn't eat his sandwich as he didn't want to get cramp so at the lights at Menlyn just off the N1 on our way home, I yelled out the car window 'Oi!!! Do you want a sandwich?'

The guy was carrying a bin bag ( he collects rubbish from peoples car in exchange for small change) and dressed in tatty, dirty clothes, he ran up to the car 'thank you, thank you, thank you' and before I could drive off he crammed the sandwich into his mouth.

He brought tears to my eyes.

Next week I'll be making extra sandwiches and refilling some plastic bottles with squash to hand out at the traffic lights.

Tonight I am grateful.

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