Thursday 22 October 2015

Decorating the garden with #HDYGG

I'm currently in South Africa for 5 weeks and extremely busy with the Santa Shoebox project that I'm sure you've heard me talk/blog/go on about by now. There will be plenty of posts related to South Africa for HDYGG as I'm having some free time also and visiting many townships where lots of exciting gardening is happening.

I'm missing autumn, I haven't had an autumn since April 2014 in the Southern Hemisphere and it's nowhere near as beautiful as the pictures everyone is posting now.

Before I left Dubai, the temp had dropped a little, meaning I could get out in the garden and have a clean and tidy up and start to put some of my ideas to plan.

I prepared the sand to grow some grass, it's been done before as you can see and at one point we did have the whole area covered, but if you look closely you'll see most of it is weed, but it was green.
I've chosen grass seed tag 'grows well in difficult conditions' I emptied all the pots from failed seed growing attempts and after spreading the seed, sprinkled compost over the top and watered well.

I also got my craft on and dragged this old piece of furniture from the shed round the house and gathered up all the bits and pieces I'd collected and ideas from my scrapbook and created this.

It means now I have somewhere to store my gardening equipment and cloths etc for the table and as the unit is beyond use, I'm happy to leave it in the garden till it no longer stands. Hubby of course wants to treat it so it'll last forever but honestly, we'll only be here another 2 years and without rain and frost I don't see it being too much of an issue.

I've also enjoyed decorating the table and being outdoors more, especially in the evenings. I do have to remember to bring the candles in at night as they melt during the day, but again not a major issue as they're in containers anyway.

I enjoyed the garden much more in South Africa in our previous 2 houses, we were able to spend more time outside and of course there was a lot more colour.

Here's a little taste of some of the projects I did there.

These flowers were picked from the garden

Homemade bird feeders

It's spring in South Africa and there is a riot of colour, I'd forgotten how colourful this country is.

 So many beautiful trees

 I really wanted to get out the car here and go for a walk, but I was visiting a game reserve and had to stay in my car.


I have no idea what this plant is but it's petals were like paper

Ground cover


  1. Beautiful photos of South Africa. Hope your lawn gets green in your absence, will someone be able to water it? Nice garden working station too, I need one too for the tools

    1. Hubby is back at home so he's looking after the garden