Thursday 1 October 2015

A visit to the South West of England

Although based in Monmouth for a week on our UK holiday with my parents, we spent our time visiting our children in Gloucestershire. We'd visited children 3 & 4 of 5 in Yorkshire the first week of our trip.

Child 1of 5 is in Gloucester, 2 of 5 is in Coleford in the Forest of Dean, 4 of 5 is in Lydney staying with his grandmother after his passing out parade while he was waiting for his new posting and 5 of 5 is at Boarding School in Tewkesbury.

We spent our time visiting castles, museums, the beach, cathedrals, walking down country lanes, through graveyards and stopping in pubs for lunches on route. We were tourists in our home country for 2 weeks.

We visited the kids in the day and took them out around the area they live in. We also took child 1 to hubbies mother who lives in Keynsham, Bristol.

It's only when we return to the UK that we realise how beautiful the country is and what we miss in our lives as expats. Old buildings, landscapes, woods, town centres instead of malls, the light evenings and a variety of weather. We were fortunate with the weather and it only rained for 2 of the days we were visiting.

Our last weekend was spent with friends of hubby who live in Dorset and we travelled into Devon also.

There wasn't enough time to see everyone and do everything we wanted to, there were many places we drove through on our way to and from the kids but just didn't have the time to stop off.

We'd love to have a holiday to the UK that doesn't involve so much visiting before we return there to live in a few years, as we know the reality of living somewhere new is just routine, pretty much like our lives in Dubai.


  1. It sounds lovely! Glad you got to enjoy the area so much. So many familiar places in those photos!

    1. it's lovely to see the UK as a tourist, we've been away so long now and so much has changed