Monday 23 November 2015

My Bucket/Bragging List

When I wrote my Ultimate Bucket List  I realised there were so many things and places I'd already achieved and visited. I'd never really thought much about travel when I was growing up, my Father travelled the world with his job and brought back amazing souvenirs, photos and stories of his time abroad, but I never thought in a million years that one day I'd be visiting some of the same places he has, yet alone live in them, and other new and just as exciting places.

When I look back I realise I've had some amazing opportunities in my life, met some amazing people and travelled far wider than I ever thought.

So I thought I'd write my Bucket List in reverse, share with you my adventures to date. Most of them I'd love to do again, some I'm glad I've experienced but won't be revisiting.

I suppose you could call this my bragging list, but who cares.

In no particular order:
  1. Been caving
  2. Had a helicopter ride
  3. Visited the Grand Canyon
  4. Played the slots in Las Vegas
  5. Been on a Safari
  6. Camped in a township in South Africa
  7. Been on a film set - Intolerable Cruelty and Harry Potter
  8. Visited Luxor
  9. Visited the Valley of the Kings
  10. Lived abroad
  11. Been up Table Mountain
  12. Driven the Garden Route
  13. Rode the Big Shot in Vegas
  14. Visited Death Valley
  15. Been to the Hoover Dam
  16. Watched England play at Wembley
  17. Went to the Olympic Games in Barcelona
  18. Went up the worlds tallest building The Burj Khalifa
  19. Seen the Niagara Falls
  20. Camped in the wild
  21. Walked down Downing Street, prior to the gates being installed
  22. Seen the Montjuic fountains
  23. Stayed at the Bellagio
  24. Seen Cher perform at Caesars Palace
  25. Eloped
  26. Seen an African sunset
  27. Seen an African sunrise
  28. Dined up the Eiffel Tower
  29. Drove round the Champs Elysees
  30. Been Whale Watching
  31. Driven across Europe
  32. Seen a Giant Panda
  33. Seen a Leopard hunt
  34. Ridden an ostrich
  35. Visited the tulip fields in Holland
  36. Seen the Namaqua flowers
  37. Visited Alcatraz
  38. Walked across the Golden Gate Bridge
  39. Been to Hollywood
  40. Been up Crater lake
  41. Swam in the Nile
  42. Visited the Temple of Karnac
  43. Performed on stage
  44. Met a Witch Doctor
  45. Taught in a township in South Africa
  46. Camped in Kruger
  47. Got a Blue Peter badge
  48. Was interviewed on Radio 5
  49. Been to a FA cup final
  50. Play the Clarinet

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