Thursday 2 February 2017

A walk round the neighbourhood and gardening in the sand.

I took a walk to the beach yesterday afternoon and realised just how green Dubai is at the moment. Despite it being winter, it hasn't rained since March 2016, the temperatures are much lower, below 30c, and it's very pleasant to be outdoors at the moment.

An empty plot behind our villa.

 Every few villas there are shrubs and trees planted on the pavement with irrigation systems. I have no idea if these are owned by the villa's or maintained by the municipality. 

 I'd love to see the other side of this wall, the outside is beautifully planted, I imagine the gardens inside to be spectacular.

I love how people can leave pots outside their house and not have them vandalised, however it does annoy me that they are blocking the pavements.

There are random patches of colour along the side of the road, planted by the municipality.

My theory when it comes to gardening in Dubai is 'try' If they sell rose bushes, then rose bushes must be able to grow here. I dug a huge hole in the sand and filled it with compost before planting this bush. The roses have bloomed in the last 4 days, I wish I'd kept the box now so I knew what this was called.

Despite being small in size the tomatoes are doing well.


My first strawberry. I bought the plants as I've tried and failed several times, growing from seed.

Broad beans.

Im sure people will wonder what I've buried here, but the green fences are to mark the area where I've planted bulbs to stop the gardening digging them up like he did last year.

Plenty of sunflowers.

Treated myself to some flowers, now the air con is switched off for a few months, cut flowers last more than a few days.


  1. Looks like you're having plenty of success - the roses look great. And yum, strawberry - hopefully many more to come!

  2. looks like your efforts to find flowers and fruits that will grow there are paying off!

    1. i just need to plant earlier later in the year

  3. "a walk to the beach".... i miss those days. slightly jealous right now. so nice to have stuff growing in the garden!

    1. Sadly we only get to enjoy the beach nov till march