Sunday 26 February 2017

Week 113 My Sunday Photo 2017 - I is for Ikea

For those who know Peter and I you'll realise what a big decision this was to make to actually go to Ikea together.

Last time we were there we had a row in the curtain pole area and he called me a f***ing psychopath.

We've been together 17 years, I sometimes wonder how we actually survived that long.

Anyway the visit passed without incident, however we both scurried past the curtain poles with a quick glance at each other that said 'we can do this'

A table for the hallway was purchased and assembled without incident also.


  1. Hi Suzanne, we have an Ikea in Athens and there are regular shopping trips organised to go over from the island, but it has never appealed to me. I think the curtain pole would have had to of been surgically removed had my husband called me a psychopath, probably proving his point!


  2. At least you managed to go second time round without incident. Will it be third time lucky next time you need something? #MySUndayPhoto

  3. Well done on surviving it without incident! I would have been nervous about going again, had I been accused of being a psychopath!

  4. I love IKEA but we don't have one near us, sounds like a big thing for you both to go!

  5. Love it...I have never stepped foot in an Ikea

    Thank you for linking up

  6. Haha well done for surviving Ikea. It definitely can be testing. We've had many a bickering argument in there. Ours is (thankfully) an hour away so we save it for special ocassions now.

    1. I missed Ikea when we lived in South Africa, i can be doing without it now though

  7. Well done on surviving the Ikea trip! We don't visit very often, I can imagine us falling out over curtain poles too!

  8. hehehe! Well done for an uneventful shopping trip.
    I have never been to an Ikea in my