Saturday 18 February 2017

One Daily Positive 2017 Week 7

I decided not to drink any coke this week, or any other fizzy drinks. I can drink 2-3 cans of coke a day without thinking about it. It's not good for my weight or my teeth. there's no list this week, apart from daily stuff like housework, everything else has been done, apart from a few things I need to sort out when I get to the UK next month. My weight at the start of the week was 72.9kg, I gave up weighing myself as I lost and gained a kilo during the week. By Tuesday I stopped having sugar in my coffee, but I found myself eating more food. We ate out 3 times this week and a fair few pints were consumed also.

I've also realised that I only use my mobile phone in Dubai for Social Media, it's only Peter who physically calls me. Every public place has wifi so I'm spending February 3G free when I'm out and about, I don't need to keep checking my status when walking in the park or sitting on the beach and as a result I've been reading a lot more. I do have a small amount of credit for when I drive into the desert in case of an emergency.

Peter was working late all week and the time dragged by. On Monday the only person I spoke to was at the window at Costa Coffee drive through.

Sunday was spent mainly at the dentists after I collected some old duvets to make some more dog beds with and the afternoon was spent sorting the material out.

Monday involved a trip into the desert with Bob and I spent a few hours tidying the sheds and garage, while the weather is cool. I cycled and walked to and on the beach, had a coffee and wrote my address book up to date, although I don't know why I bother writing letters to so many people these days as only my mum and 2 friends write back. I spent the evening working out and resetting ALL my passwords online after accidentally clearing all the cookies when I was looking for flights for Peter for the UK in April.

Tuesday was another long day. We woke up to heavy rain. Bob and I went out for a Valentine's lunch and the ironing got done. I also started on a new dog bed design and cut some squares for making bandana's. I visited 11 puppies and their 2 mothers who are looking for a new home and took them some valentine heart shaped dog biscuits I'd baked. I had a sleep in the afternoon then went to Costa Coffee for free coffee, cake and balloons, getting home at 9pm.

Wednesday morning was spent cleaning the house, the weather has been really cool and it's been raining most of the week, so doors are flung wide open. It's also been very windy, so along with the muddy paw prints the house was covered in a fine layer of sand. I went food shopping and stopped for my obligatory coffee. I ended up cooking several meals for the next week along with the dinner.

Thursday I spent the morning in the nail bar and sorted out my outfit and accessories for a boat party on Friday, which was cancelled due to the weather. Rory's time with her foster family came to an end and I collected her for the afternoon, not once, but 3 times she cleared our 6ft wall and I found her desperately trying to bounce her way back into the garden. We went out for dinner, neither of us could be bothered to cook. We received sad news that Peter's Aunty Marion had passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday.

Friday we met friends and their dog out in the desert, we brought Jelly home with us for the night, while her humans had the sofas cleaned. Late afternoon we visited Dubai Mall and had Dinner over looking the fountains. We finally got round to booking Peter's UK trip in April, just internal flights and car hire to book for me now.

Saturday morning around 4am we were woken with an almighty crash and flash of light, seriously thinking a plane had crashed, it was that loud and bright, another crash and flash and we recognised thunder and lightening. Not something that happens often in Dubai, it took a while to get back to sleep with the noise of the heavy rain. We went out for breakfast, food shop and spent an hour removing layers of sand from the kitchen where the window had been left open over night. After Jelly was collected I took Rory to visit a potential foster family. I ended up leaving her there and we'll see how it goes for a week.

43/365 #WIDN Enjoying the rain in Dubai.
 44/365 I Love the freedom of living in Dubai, compared to South Africa.
 45/365 #LoveYourSelfie.
46/365 Red, changing the soft furnishings to mark the seasons.
47/365 A message.

48/365 Wide angle, although portrait mode is more suited to living in Dubai.
49/365 Muse my inspiration for everything in life is directly related to the amount of caffeine I have.

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  1. We are having cooler weather here too which is greatly welcomed as I hate the heat. But with news of a cyclone hoping the damage isn't too bad

    Hope things work out for Rory with the foster family? What happened to her original owners?

    1. thank you, Rory is having a visit from a new family later this week

  2. Love the wide angle shot of Dubai. It sounds like a busy week! I love how you are so caring for all the dogs that come into your life. Well done on giving up the fizzy drinks. I used to be addicted to Diet Coke, which is full of chemicals and generally not good for you. I gave it up about 10 years ago and would never go back. I probably drink lemonade about three or four times a year!

    1. I've gone right off sugary drinks now and stopped putting sugar in my tea and coffee

  3. Love that shot over the city. I stopped having sugar in my tea and coffee 10 years ago now, wish I could cut out cake, but that's never going to happen. Good luck with reducing the coke too #365

    1. the coke has been easy to put out and the sugar in my drinks, but i've noticed i've upped my cake intake

  4. Love that wide angle lens shot. I think snail mail is great. I'd always write back to someone who wrote. My best friend still snail mails on occasion. Mainly because she's not on social media, never answers emails and never seems to have her mobile with her!

    1. it's just a shame that the people i write to just reply on fb most of the time

  5. Glad you are keeping yourself busy and I am sure the foster dogs appreciate all you do for them. Admire the 3G free for the month. My phone rarely rings either unless it is PPi or reclaim your pension sh+te type calls.

  6. Good to hear that you have cut out the fizzy drinks. I was really bad with them but as soon as I stopped I lost weight.

    Sorry to hear about Peters Aunty

    1. thank you, the funeral has passed now, we didn't attend

  7. poor dog, went to her forever home on trial then came back