Wednesday 23 November 2011

kate's weekly challenges on #groovingmums

Here they are, I've given them some thought and then thought that it sounds pretenious so rather than looking for things to do to meet the challenges I'll write about what I've done since my last post thats meets them.

1. Winter Warmth – how can you treat yourself to something that keeps you warm in this wintry weather. A new hat, scarf or pair of gloves? A pampering session involving heat? A hot chocolate every night for a week? Whatever warmth means to you.

Well its the middle of summer here, temps up to 44c in the day, rarely below 17c at night. So no hot food, drinks, blankets, snuggling, in fact holding hands is too hot. But I am back in the UK a week tomorrow and I've packed all my winter woolies, it feels really strange doing so, I've been getting hot thinking about it, but I know I'm going to need them all. I left my ski gear (never skied) in the UK at my mums and she's taken it down from the attic, aired it and is no doubt thinking about the use she'll get out of it when I leave.

2. Money – is it time you thought about your finances? This will mean different things to different people. Do you have debts to sort out? Do you need advice on benefits? Is it worth joining an credit union as a way to build up savings and with access to credit? Is it time you set a budget for Christmas and stuck to it? It is absolutely up to you how you interpret this one.

Arrrggghhhh big issue, we have none, well we do but not as much as we would like. We used up most of our UK money on moving here and after 9 months, hubbies salary is still hand to mouth as we start all over again, need now to get money from here back to UK to cover mortgage payments and some issues the tenents require us to see to, but the exchange rate is not in our favour and it costs so much to transfer.

3. Art – How much do you know about art? Would you like to share a favourite painting with us and tell us why it appeals to you? Do you create things yourself that you would like to promote? Would you like to learn more about art and how might you do that?

I know a Van Gough from a Da Vinci and that's about that. I'm making xmas decorations, traditional african style to take back to the UK, card making starts on the weekend (will post pics when they're finished)

4. Blogging Fun – How about taking part in Magpie Monday where bloggers celebrate bargain pre-owned finds whether located in charity shops, car boot sales, Christmas fairs, Ebay or whatever? You will find details with the lovely Liz over on the Me and My Shadow blog.

I have found one charity shop over the road in a secure compound where I buy all my books from and bought a pair of tatty curtains that I've washed and I'm going to turn into a table cloth and a few cushion covers that I'm using for my arts and crafts.

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