Thursday 24 November 2011

Santa Shoe box Celebration day, PACSEN, Pretoria

Unfortunately I have had to remove the photos from this blog as Permission had not been obtained from the schools to use these pictures. Despite there being an official photographer on site and the organisers being aware photos were being taken and me saying to them I would be putting them on the face book page, no one thought it necessary to actually tell me, that permission would be sought, in retrospect, only after I had posted them.

Today I thought my heart was going to break. At a school in Pretoria, several schools attended for their Celebration day to receive their Santa Shoe boxes, donated by the people of South Africa. It was a wonderful, heart breaking, experience to be part of something so very magical. PACSEN supports Parents and Children with Special Education Needs, financially and emotionally where their education, equipment, clothing, nappies. You name it, these kids need it.

There was entertainment with a clown and bouncy castles and The Lions of Pretoria did the catering.

The children were happiest with the simplest of things that we take for granted, such as bars of soap, a pink toothbrush and strawberry flavoured toothpaste, their clothing was perfect for each child, they hugged their teddy bears, started their colouring and ate their sweets. We stayed till the last child went and it made me cry to say goodbye to one of the little boys, who doesn't interact, make eye contact or speak, he clung to me and had to be prised away when it was time to leave....We were thanked by the staff for sharing and giving our love.

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