Monday 7 November 2011

Car park attendents

There is at least one in every car park, I think they are self appointed, as you indicate into a space they spring out of nowhere and point at the space you are already turning into, they hover by your car as you get out, greet you and are waiting for you when you return, they want payment for looking after your car...I’m in a security car park...go away and leave me alone.
But what is worse, is leaving the car park, especially if you are reversing, check your mirrors, check your blind spot and the second you start to move they leap out behind your car, waving you back. I’ve lost count of the number I’ve nearly run over. But they wave you back in a straight line, all of a sudden they tap the back of your car, you are more than halfway out the space and they tell another vehicle to carry on and squeeze past you, the other vehicle ignores them and gestures for you to carry on, they then tell the other car to stop and for you to keep coming straight back, leaving you nowhere to go other than forward again. It’s not always easy to turn your wheel to get the right angle as they turn their back on you; you nearly run them over as they dash off to help someone with their trolley in hope of a better payment.