Wednesday 9 November 2011

I'm really grooving now

#groovingmums is the inspiration of @netcurtains over on Kateonthinice.

This blog hop is in it's 7th week and there are a whole lot of people sharing their stories of why they need to get their groove back and what they are doing to find it.

Kate sets a task/challenge to do something new each week. I'm limited with my access to the interent and can't always complete the challenges.

This weeks challenges are Body art - do something different, paint your nails, get your hair done, wear make up and embrace your spiritual side. I'm also going to meet a previous challenge by the posting of the above picture.

I lost my groove 9 months ago when I left the UK with 2 of our children and my hubby to live in South Africa, it is challenging, it is lonely and it is my first experience of living abroad so I have nothing to compare it with. I have alot of spare time now, more time than I know what to do with myself since I gave up work and studies to move here. Most days I change the polish on my toe nails, file my finger nails, do my hair and apply make up. At first it was such a luxury to have the time to do all of this, but since joining the gym, I've given up with it now unless I'm going somewhere and letting my skin rest during the day when I'm at the gym or home. The picture above is just me, plain old me. I've never been too bothered if I've needed to pop to the shops or get out the car at school or even go to work without make up, but after all this time of applying it every morning it does feel a little strange to be bare faced again.

My spiritual side is a little more difficult to locate, I'm not a church goer any more. As a child I was sent to a Methodist church and I loved it, as a young adult I went to a baptist church as it was within walking distance of where I lived in the middle of nowhere and as a grown up Mother I attended a C of E church. Up until I met my husband 12 years ago, who as the Father of a disabled child, had experienced many comments from religious people how God had rewarded them with a perfect, healthy child as they were free from sin. I sort of lost faith after hearing that myself many times and I lapsed. I was however confirmed about 13 years ago and I do take communion and have been a witness at Adult and Child baptisims and 1st Communions. South Africa is a very religious country and as an inquisitive person I do ask people about their faith/retreats/religion.

Anyway, back to getting my groove having a routine.

I'm timetabled, hubby did it....

he looked at what I needed to do for the week, bank, post office, driving licence and tyre pressure valve and using the family planner he jotted them down in no particular order and made sure I planned a trip to the gym every day for what has become my daily mile swim. I feel now I have a purpose to my day, he brings me a cup of tea in the morning, the kids get themselves ready for school, I chuck on some clothes over my swimming costume, clean my teeth and head out for my swim, I spend half hour in the sauna, I shower and if I don't look too haggard I leave the make up off, sit down for a latte in the cafe and use their computers for playing on the internet, a luxury we no longer have at home.

The best thing for me joining #groovingmums is I've found some great bloggers, I read a blog posting every day, have subscribed via email, where available, can't always comment, don't always want to and discovered a whole new group of people struggling/suceeding with daily life.

I was going to give up blogging, I cleared my timeline of sponsored bloggers, nearly did a Stephen Fry and jacked it all in, but instead got rid of tweeters that judged, that tried to offer guidance (often misjudged) on a variety of subjects such as co-sleeping, breast feeding etc, all stuff I'd out grown, with little knowledge or referencing. I want to hear how you actually over come a problem, I want to hear that I'm normal, not a super mummy, not a yummy mummy, although have been called a MILF before and was rather flattered.

I've now accepted a challenge from @netcurtains '10 things about me' which I'm off to do now.


  1. You are very brave to move that far to South Africa, I struggled with 200 miles! I really hhope you find your groove, I have also taken part each week and I find it really helps, it is making me think more about me and I am more actively looking for things to do that get me out and to meet people as I have really lost confidence. My old childminder was South African and had done the opposite to you and come to the UK, she foudn there was a South African group in the town, is there something similar there, ex-pats or something?? Apologies if I am talking boll**ks :)

  2. Where did my comment go?? I trie to say I admire you for moving so far away, I struggled with 200 miles, so really feel for you. My childinder did the opoosite to you, she went from SA to the UK but discovered a South African ex-pat group or something in the town so was able to get to know others in the same situation, si there anything like that for you? Sorry if there is no such thing and I am talking boll**ks. Glad you are finding your groove though x

  3. I think you look great bare-faced... I've been trying to do the same but do feel naked without lipgloss & mascara! I'm going to work on a routine over the next month as I need to be organised for when I go back to work in Jan. I'm already feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks I'll have to do and the little time I'll have to do them. I'm going to be working 3 days a week but I want to be able to spend my free days doing things with the children and not feeling like I have to be cooking & cleaning. Any tips?
    I've been to SA once before - it's where I got engaged. My hubby has some cousins and aunts that live in Durban and Cape Town so we did a tour of SA in 6 weeks and I loved it. But I totally understand where you're coming from in terms of safety. I was always with people and I don't think I would have been comfortable on my own. My dad & his wife lived in Trinidad recently and I think it was the same for Jo. They're now in Oman and it's a lot safer for her to be out driving etc on her own.

  4. It's interesting how you write about finding your groove without makeup. Alot of the time, I rely on make up to make me feel better, when it is just a mask really.

    If you're reading this with a latte at the gym - enjoy! Your new routine sounds great - enjoyable AND purposeful.

  5. the rambling pages
    ive met quite a few expats, but find we are in an unusual situation, most people are on 2 yr fixed assignment and are provided with company houses, cars and phones and usually paid in uk currency, we havent had that at all, so people struggle to understand why we need so much help

  6. mammasaver
    I had hoped going to the gym would help me meet more people, i didnt really like the classes or using the equipment, but i love swimming, unfortunatly its an isolating discipline. As for not wearing makeup we live a much healthier lifestyle, apart from the odd meal out i cook natural, healthy meals everyday and we havent had a frozen ready meal or chips and potatoes for months now, also the sun gives me a nice glow and my skin is tanning nicely, which all helps with the no make up (excluding weekends and special occassions)

  7. Glasgow mummy
    I have a twitter friend living in saudi who lived on the same estate as we are on until 4 months before our arrival, she has said that apart from going out on her own she can live more freely in saudi than she did here. I bought myself some smokey grey eyeshadow and following your make up lesson had a go, i look like ive got two black eyes.
    In regards to organising your time with house work, family life and 'me' time I suggest printing this sign and putting it in your kitchen