Wednesday 2 November 2011

A step too far

I pay the gardener peanuts, not literally but it is very little, it is however the going rate, so I make up for it in other ways. I feed him, I give him stuff for his children, but no more.
He phoned me, yes he has a cell phone, on monday demanding payment. I had paid him, I always pay him on the last friday of every month, I checked my account, I had paid him.
I was out today so I left his lunch in a cool box with ice blocks and plenty of drink.
I got home as he was leaving. He told me I must pay him again, I said no and showed him proof of payment, he told me I must leave him more food, I said no there was more than enough for him. He stood there looking at me and said again there wasnt enough food. I said what about the cakes I made for your children? He replied he had eaten them. There were 30 iced halloween cakes.
When I'm at home I make tea at 8am when he arrives, I give him a 2 litre bottle of squash, I give him soup or a bacon butty or cake at 10am, I cook him a lunch and give him fruit, crisps, chocolate and dessert. At 2pm I give him tea and biscuits and at the end of the day I give him either a packet of cigarettes, food to take home, clothing or extra cash. I have to write a note saying I have given this stuff to him so the guards let him take it out the gate.
Today I wrote please take these cakes for your children and left them in the box with 2 ham, cheese, pickle and salad sandwiches, 2 bags of crisps, 2 packets of biscuits, 2 yogurts, 3 pieces of fruit and a chocolate bar.
I was warned by my neighbour that if I give him stuff he will just ask for more and more, but im struggling with this one.