Friday 20 January 2012

365 days in South Africa

A year ago yesterday I stepped off the plane at OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg with my husband and 2 of our 5 children, to spend the next few years,(forever) living in South Africa.

It has been a very emotional time for us all, leaving older children behind, family, parents in their 70's, in the boys case their Dad and many, many friends.

The 20th January 2011 was spent being whisked around, looking at housing estates, cars, buying school uniform among many other things. You can read about it here

Well a whole year on this is what we did today.

It's Granny's birthday and this year she is visiting for 3 weeks.

How much of this sounds like your day? I know that what we did today is typical of most days here and how I would have probably spent my day in the UK.

Put recycling out
Took Granny to the hairdressers
Had coffee
Went to Menlyn,shopping, more coffee
Collected kids from school
Filled in consent forms for school trip
Dish washer emptied
Ironing done
Shopping list written
Watered garden
Out for a meal for Granny's Birthday
Watched some TV
Blogged and tweeted

The only real difference is safety and security, the sun shone, it's been in the high 20's all day, i bought insect repelant and sun cream for daily use 24/7, Granny nearly passed out with the heat, consent forms were for the boys to go to the Tropics and to Durban for their school trip, the meal was at the golf club a short walk from our house and that's it.

Same activites just a different place, that doesn't really feel that different anymore.

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