Sunday 22 January 2012

WTF? Alicia Dixon on Sky news, what else is happening in the UK

A couple of weeks ago I was in the gym and was thinking about writing a blog post about the UK Media and what it tells us about Africa you can read the post here

Sky news was on, focusing on the UK. For nearly 10 mins the bar at the bottom of the screen was rolling with news stories of a shooting in Durham, a womans body found in a car and the Premiership results. Not very different from the news items we get here in South Africa.

But what about the main the studio?

Alicia Dixon leaves Strictly Come Dancing and moves to Britians Got Talent...WTF?

I don't watch reality shows and anyone that follows me on twitter will know I enjoy taking the mick out of Strictly Celebs (spot the celeb) get me out of X factor. But seriously? Did we need 10 minutes of, guests in the studios, debating the switch, offering suggestions of who may replace her.

What must the rest of te world think of the UK when they see this?

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