Thursday 12 January 2012

Kate asks if you'll take up the Groovy Mums challenge

Every week Kateonthinice sets a challenge for Mums that have lost their groove. The idea of this blog hop is for all mums for whatever reason to find others who are struggling with daily life, be it a new baby, seperation, emigration, depression etc. This blog hop has helped me make new friends, share experiences, wisdom and gain advice and get my motivation/groove back. This weeks challenges are as follows: 1. Body – Lotions and Potions. What is in your bathroom of the creams and pampering products variety. Nothing. The same old thing or something new? Is it time for a lotions and potions revival? I STOCKED UP WITH MY FAVOURITE BOOTS NO. 7 RANGE PRIOR TO EMIGRATING AND ON MY LAST VISIT HOME I BOUGHT, FROM ASDA, THE CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE SHOWER GEL RANGE, I ALSO HAD A GIFT OF MOLTEN AND BROWN SHOWER GEL FROM A CLOSE FRIEND
2. Mind – What are the very best things about you? Try and write down 5 of them. Now stop putting yourself down and beating yourself up. What is brilliant about you? You are reading this for a start but there is so much more to you. Why not let the world see it a bit more? How could you achieve that? SEE THE WORLD...I HAVE ENOUGH OF THAT...LOL THE BEST 5 THINGS ABOUT ME.... I'M FRIENDLY, ORGANISED, READY, WILLING AND ABLE 3. It is World Religion Day this week. Has religion featured in your life and if so, how? Have you left it behind? Does it interest you? What can you tell us about your own religious beliefs? Does religion cause more harm than good? Let us know what you think. LAST TIME I INCLUDED RELIGION IN A BLOG POST I WAS RIBBED BY FAMILY SO I'LL PASS THIS TIME For those who would like to know about the day itself Please note that Groovy Mums and myself have no association with this day. 4. Blogging – what good could you do with your blog? That’s a really open question so you have plenty of scope to answer it in a way that makes sense to you. HAVE CHANGED MY URL ON MUMSNET, I'M ALREADY A BRITMUMS MEMBER AND THIS WEEK I'VE JOINED LOVEALLBLOGS AND MUMSNET, AM STRUGGLING WITH PASSWORDS AND TRYING TO REMEMBER TO VISIT THESE SITES MORE OFTEN 5. Big Question – who can you ask to help you? Who can you delegate some of your tasks to? WELL I'M DELEGATING TASKS TO MY MIL DURING HER VISIT, I'M NOT VERY GOOD AT ASKING FOR HELP IN THAT SENSE, THE KIDS ARE BEING 'FORCED' TO TAKE ON MORE RESPONSIBILTY AND I'M ACTUALLY EASING UP ON TRYING TO BE SUPERMUM AND RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL...I ALSO HAVE A VERY GOOD TWITTER/REAL LIFE FRIEND WHO DOES ALL MY BLOG RELATED PROBLEMS FOR ME (BEST NOT FALL OUT WITH HER, SHE KNOWS ALL MY PASSWORDS.

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