Tuesday 10 January 2012

Just doing as advised

Please note the following post is not an observation it is what we've been told by South Africans in the UK and here, other expats and on various government sites.

South Africa is corrupt, violent and full of fraud.

We at first followed all the advice and were scared shitless to go out. I only took my credit card, phone and small amount of change in my pocket. I didn't go anywhere on my own unless I'd been taken there several times and used the GPS for the local shops. I was scared to drive after dusk as I was told I'd be hijacked, raped and/or murdered or at the very least groped at the robots if I had my window opened.

Of course things do happen, it's appalling what we hear on the news, in the papers or from people we meet.

But on the whole life is very good here.

I now carry a handbag with all my sorely goods in it. I'm required to have my International driving licence and passport on me at all times. I drive at night (alone) I go to familiar places without the GPS. I explore new places on my own.

I was a victim of theft in the UK, car broken into, handbag stolen off my shoulder in a busy shopping area and I've been a victim of theft here. I was loading my shopping in the boot when someone opened the passenger door and helped themselves to the GPS and my camera from the glove box.

One of the few pieces of advice we followed here and I urge you to do the same wherever you are is to tippex over the CVS (3 digit number) on the back of your bank and credit card.

Whenever you hand your card over it is possible they can write down the details and attempt to use your card online or over the phone. They need the CVS number to complete a transaction.

Our credit card has had 3 attempts to use it fraudulently and is now cancelled and a friend was less fortunate as she is now fighting to get her money back from her bank.

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