Sunday 22 January 2012

Another hospital must be joking

We'd been in South Africa 8 days when we got a call to say Dan was on route to hospital after being hit in the neck with a cricket ball. You can read my version of it all here

This is Dans version

the there was Alex's broken arm

and last night it was the 'HEELY INCIDENT'

hanging on to a golf cart, down hill, stone wedged itself under the wheels, Alex goes arse over tit and we end up in A&E for a couple of hours, xxx amount of Rand lighter and another battle with Discovery to get our money back.

Bit of research coming up you can help with me if you wouldn't mind...

Does anyone know of a hospital in Centurion that covers the full amount and doesn't require us to pay up front?

By the way Ales is fine, xrays, tetnus, wouds cleaned and a smashing black eye to boot and accompanied by a Doctors note he's gone on his school trip to Durban.


  1. I am glad that he is recovering. I am hoping as well that medical facilities in South Africa keeps on improving their standards and facilities.

    1. The speed and level of treatment here in south africa is far higher than in the UK, the only differences we have experienced is that in the uk they just get on with running all the tests they feel are necessary, whereas here you are asked if you would like a x,y,z....i also don't like the way you are treated on arrival in what is a very stressful situation, especially when dealing with a child in obvious distress and pain to set up an account leaving your child alone with total strangers.