Wednesday 11 January 2012

How Do You Fancy A Sparkling New You??

Another challenge from @kateonthinice and #groovymums How do you fancy a whole new you?
Wouldn’t it be fabulous if 2012 just felt a bit more joyful and saw you with a spring in your step and a positive mindset?

This is Kate's weekly post that encourages mums to change their lives in ways that make sense to them large and small.

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1. Did you over-indulge over the festive season? What can you do to prepare for the life-changing journey ahead in terms of improving your health?

Yes I over ate, but then I go through stages of over indulgences without any rhyme or reason. Health improvements...should give up smoking...but don't want to...should drink more water and alcohol and carry on going to the gym and not getting a maid.

2. What do you need to change your mind about? Have you written yourself off in some way? How can you shift negative thinking patterns?

I can't work, no seriously, I'm here on a visitors visa and yes I can get a work visa if I get a job offer, which I can't get without a work visa #givesup.

3. This week, Christians celebrate the Epiphany. Here is one dictionary definition for the word epiphany “a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.” What does this mean to you?

We were a bit late here as we were on holiday so the decs were taken down on the 9th and the tree still stands, naked, at the top of the stairs. Can't answer the rest.

4. Are you aware of all the blogging networks you can get involved with? Is it worth you checking them out and promoting your efforts to sparkle to a wider audience?

Joined @loveallblogs, @netmums and updated URL on @mumsnet...already a member of @britmums.
I'll forget passwords, I'll forget to check them out...I'm doing my best but to be honest since I started trying to reach a wider audience I got a little bit lost.

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