Sunday 22 January 2012

Sun hats and sun cream

What is going on, people of South Africa?

Do you not know how hot it is?

Do you not realise that people can get cancer from sun damage? let alone the scrawny, leathery skin.

And why are there tanning machines in my gym?

The selection of suncreams in the supermarkets is poor and the prices are very high. How do families on low incomes here afford to buy it?

I find my skin is in poor condition and my face is really dry. I can't afford to test every product on the market, especially the water resistant ones, to find one that actually works. (We were all badly burnt in Durban 2 weeks ago) As a family of 4 we use sun cream every day, even just getting in and out of the car, popping to the shops, moving from class to class the sun 'gets' you.

And hats? I'm starting to see straw boaters in Mr Price and most of the camping/walking/outdoor shops along with baseball caps, but again they are few and far between and around R50+. The kids of course won't wear 'floppy' hats and are constantly losing their baseball caps and getting burnt on the back of their neck.

Has anyone got any suggestions? Know the best places to buy hats, suncream that they'd like to share with me?

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