Thursday 12 January 2012

A weekend in durban

Are you mad? Can tell you're English *raised eyebrows* Durban in January was not a good idea....humidity was 89% and not a cloud in the sky, we are all sunburnt, especially the boys, I feel really bad about it. Factor 40 waterproof suncream is a lie. As it was so hot, 38c with little change at night, the ceiling fans just moved the hot air around, we spent the day in the sea to keep cool, however the suncream wore off quicker and water refracts the sun or something like that, so we were burnt.
Day 2 only youngest and myself on the beach...hubby made brief appearances inbetween popping to the shops with his Mum and eldest and bringing us food and drink supplies. Youngest and I spent the day under cover, with a run to the sea, wearing hats and tshirts for a quick swim. The house we rented was worth the money and the 8 hour drive each way.

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